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Jim & Debbie,
Thank you for your continued support of the OJAA We appreciate all you do.

Thanks Again,
OJAA Jr. Advisors

Jim, Debbie, & Jordan,
I can not thank you enough for all of your help and support these past few years.3~4 You are truly one in a million.

Love, Amanda

Jim & Debbie,
Just wanted to say "Thank You" for helping the "kids" and myself. We learned so much and I appreciate you taking time to help us with everything from breeding to showing and, of course, most importantly getting the proper "fit" on our heifers, Look forward to seeing you soon. It is almost that time of year!

We are excited to go again.

Lisa, Ryne, & Alisa

Jim & Debbie,
Thank you for being so generous, thoughtful and so true. And thank you most of all for just being you. I want to let you know how much I appreciated your time every day. You did a fantastic job. Your personal commitment was incredibly helpful and allowed me to reach my goal. You are tremendous and a credit to humanity. You have always been thoughtful and generous to me.

Thanks again,

Dear Mr. & Mrs. Davis,
Merry Christmas! Here are a couple of pictures of Black Rock. One is of her at Four State Fair in Texarkana. She won her class and I won showmanship with her! A local T.V. station interviewed me and they asked for her to be there too. She loved being on television. (She smelled the microphone and the reporter kept placing it at her nose as he talked to her). It was liked she had been trained to do television interviews. I showed her in the open show at State Fair. She competed against twelve other calves and she beat out some well-known ranches here in Arkansas. We were so excited and proud, and figured that it would never happen again, so we had her picture made! I am trying to take good care of her.


Taken from an article by laura Nelson

Buffalo Feeders wins 2009 CAB Large Feedlot of the Year

Animal induction procedures rely heavily on technology and information from producers. There's an electronic identification (EID) tag reader on each scale and a scale under each chute to enter each animal into Buffalo's database. The database links ranch tags to yard tags to help producers make herd decisions based on feeding and carcass results.

Buffalo customers like Jim Davis take that data to heart. "Tracking individuals is one of the things we were serious about, so we keep them informed as far as our herd tags go. We want to be tracking the herd sires we use," Davis says. He and wife Debbie sell registered Angus bulls in Foss, Okla. They feed their own steers at Buffalo and encourage bull customers to do the same. When the carcass data came back on that first pen, it was like an intelligence report, bringing good news of premiums to come. "It's neat to have a breeding program where you shoot toward high quality, and then you put the cattle in there to feed, and sure enough, they do what the EPDs (expected progeny differences) said they would do," Davis says.

Nelson says he knows they've done a good job feeding when customers like Davis get successful results back. Their first Buffalo-fed calves graded 100% USDA Choice and made nearly 50% CAB. Davis, eager to get more bull customers to feed at Buffalo, says the results are "a testimony for the Angus breed, their EPDs and the dollar values ($V) that come with it."

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